Artist Profile: Dragonfly Leathrum

Dragonfly has been a self-described artist since the age of five. She is schooled in the fine arts of painting, printmaking and stained glass. In addition to earning a BFA from the University of Delaware, Dragonfly has a multitude of experiences culminating from two apprenticeships and four degree schools.

Dragonfly Leathrum, Delaware Artist

Dragonfly has worn many professional hats, including but not limited to hydro porcelain engineer, bus driver, tie-dye factory supervisor, foreign student home-stay mother, car salesperson, wedding cake decorator, art teacher, community service/outreach coordinator and director of marketing and publications. Throughout this eclectic collection of professions, Dragonfly was constantly creating art, filling commissions and trying to keep up with the happenin’ Newark art scene.

As an artist, Dragonfly doesn’t believe in focusing on just one medium. She tackles any art form she wishes (or client dictates) on whim, excluding clay, which gives her the willies. Her favorite mediums of the moment are stained glass, mural, art car and portrait painting, illustration, and cartooning. Most days, Dragonfly can be found flitting around the studio from one project to another between teaching private drawing and painting lessons.

Dragonfly Art Studios is located in Newark, Delaware.